Unlike many carpet cleaning companies, Swift Cleaning Services can clean your carpets out of normal working hours, at a time that suits you. Your business needn't suffer thanks to our flexible working hours.

Our team will clean your carpets, rugs, curtains and upholstery during weekday evenings or weekends, meaning Monday morning staff arrive to fresh, clean offices that create the perfect ambience. Not only that, but there are many benefits to choosing our carpet cleaning services:

  • Health and Safety - eliminate dust mites, allergens and dirt with Swift Cleaning's smart cleaning system.
  • Value For Money - we appreciate that business funds might not be plentiful, but our cleaning services offer genuine value for money, all year round.
  • Cleaner Carpets Guarantee - our "Cleaner Carpets Guarantee" gives you that extra peace of mind and satisfaction. If you're not happy, we will re-clean your carpets FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Full Range Of Services - trust Swift Cleaning to revitalise carpets, rugs, curtains and upholstery.

Working your hours gives you greater flexibility and still the same, professional end result of clean carpets and furnishings.

Call us today on 08000 191 420 to arrange an out of hours time that suit you! Alternatively, fill in our enquiry form.